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As part of our negotiated client project at university I was offered the opportunity to find an External Client for whom I will create a digital product or service. The client I found was Barberry Associates. This university project will allow me to gain more industry experience by working with another client to create a product that both myself and they are happy with.

Barberry Associates is a small advertising/project management RPO agency. Who give a service to offering design, project management, web design, build, photography etc, whilst working with a variety of clients, both online and off-line.

The business is constructed of a group of experienced professionals who have worked in the industry for over 20 years each.

My role is to design and develop a website using my knowledge of front-end web development. It was made clear to me that the website had to be responsive and works across multiple devices such as; tablet and mobile (priority).

I have designed and developed the site using Bootstrap, a framework that is used to build mobile-first sites easier (responsive), prior to this project I had no experience in using the framework but now feel that I have a solid understanding of this element of web development.

This site is not yet complete and is still in the development stage but it will be finished over the next couple of weeks as the deadline approaches.


"TO BE COMFIRMED" By Paul Molde (Managing Director)