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Gascoigne Designs is a family-owned business that has been making high quality and stylish upholstered furniture since 1989. Founder and Managing Director, David Gascoigne, is himself a third generation upholsterer, having served his apprenticeship in and around Long Eaton; the acknowledged home of quality British-made upholstery.

Whist I was at university I got an email regarding the chance to work for Gascoigne Designs as they wanted a student to come and work for them as a placement and to help build their website.

One of my first roles was to get used to their CMS (content management system). The CMS is called ‘Web Wizard’ and is set up by a company called ‘Wida Group’. This took a while to get used to, but in a short period of time was able to use it effectively.

The company had an existing website created by another company but the site was outdated and needed a considerable overhaul. I restructured the entire website, creating webpages for each furniture model and adding text and imagery. I manipulated 100’s of images with Photoshop so they were scaled to size to fit the website correctly. For each product I designed downloadable PDF’s so customers can place orders.

My ongoing role is to maintain the website with any new models, photo’s or text that needs adding. However, this process is so much easier because I added the backlog of models that needed uploading previously and have streamlined the process for amending the content.


"TO BE COMFIRMED" By David Gascoigne (Managing Director)