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As part of the assignment we were asked to work in groups with each of us having a designated role to create a design solution to match the brief for the “Nottingham Yong Creative’s Award 2014”. The theme of the brief was “Made in Nottingham”.

I am going to create the website that would allow users to share their experience of the Capital FM Arena. The website will also, contain a community page allowing users to share their experience of Nottingham using social media, which would be broadcasted on our community page.

There will also be a ‘share’ page, which will allow users to upload their own experiences directly from our site and also be shown on the community page of the site for other users to see.

The website was part of a university project which has been handed in but due to a tight deadline I didn’t have time to make the website responsive. However, as a side project and to further develop my front-end skills I will be making this website responsive in the near future.


"Product is very appropriate in meeting its expected Target audience. It begins to do what presentation said it would do. The whole site looks and feels really good. Nice visual aesthetic and technical proficiency. I hope you continue with the project as an extra project." By Julius Ayodeji (BA Course Tutor)