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This is my blog focusing on 3 main elements. The first section is for my ‘Negotiated Client’ project and will show my projects progression focusing on; research, experimentation, UI design, website development, product testing and project evaluation. This university project will allow me to gain more industry experience by finding a real client and working within a deadline to create a product that both myself and they are happy with.

The second section is for my ‘Portfolio Practice’ project; likewise to my ‘Negotiated Client’ blog this will show my projects progression. This project is based on building an online presence as showcasing your work. I have already got an online presence however, I am going to use this opportunity to redesign and develop my portfolio.

The final section is my ‘research for development’ blog and this will showcase all aspects of research I undertake to help improve myself as a front-end web developer. The blog may include existing websites that I have analysed for inspiration, notes and visuals from university lectures that I believe to be relevant for my expertise and any form of experimentation I undertake. I believe this blog will help me enhance my skills and knowledge and will allow people to see the work I have created and my progress.


"TO BE CONFIRMED." By Julius Ayodeji (BA Course Tutor)