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The concept of T-Skills is used to show the abilities of a person. The vertical bar on the T represents a person’s main skill(s). So in my case, the vertical bar shows web design, web development and graphic design. The horizontal bar is the ability to learn new skills. Therefore, the horizontal bar would show all the other skills I have developed over the past two years. These additional skills add to my main ones and make me more employable as it shows I can contribute more for a company.

This website shows a range of different assignments and projects I have created within the different areas of games design and interactive media throughout my study. Each post consists of visuals and a good description of the project and a link to download the product created.


Connor has developed a complete suite of materials including: A main site online that is based on thematic "Web developer and designer" principles; a supporting T/skills or "spin-off" non-commercial projects in 3D, sound design, animation, games design; a mobile app variant; a design for corporate literature etc. All of this keys into his maroon circular CM badge.

This is a case history that I hope to be able to present as a valuable example of how I tutor and work with the students to develop professional publishing solutions with the students. In this type of role I act as Art Director and Client. - By Tony Parr (FdA Course Leader)